Sometimes when our pets are sick we simply cannot wait a day for lab test results to come in. That’s why the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group hospitals each have a complete in-house medical laboratory, capable of running the most important screening, diagnostic, and emergency tests for dogs and cats in just minutes. We can run full complete blood counts, biochemistries (testing kidneys, liver, pancreas, etc.) and electrolytes. We also run full urinalysis in house so we can have results within minutes.

When time permits, as it most often does, we will send your pet’s laboratory sample to an outside reference lab. This will get us slightly more information and often for a little less money, but it does take a day or two. When they are sick we run the tests in-house so we can get results within minutes to hours so we can diagnose and start treating your family members sooner. Our ultimate goal is to make them feel better as soon as possible.