The Chastain Veterinary Medical Group maintains special charitable funds for each clinic. We call these funds the Life Guardianship Trusts (LGT). Money from the LGTs are used to fund grants to local animal rescue groups and to offset some of our costs of care for sick and injured strays, wildlife and homeless pets, all right here in our own communities. In certain circumstances, these funds are used to help sick or injured pets when their owners are down on their luck.

The Chastain Life Guardianship Trust was established by client contribution in the mid 1990’s. The goal has always been to increase the availability of  veterinary care for local animals in need. Over the years, a number of generous folks have made donations. LGT funds have been critical in helping many wild animals and strays in need in the north Dallas area.

For administrative purposes, the Chastain Life Guardianship Trust is hosted by the Veterinary Care Foundation (VCF). The VCF is a 501 (c) (3) charitable umbrella group. It exists to host charitable animal care funds like ours. This arrangement simplifies administration and accounting issues and makes transparent reporting easier. There is a separate fund for each clinic, since they serve different communities.

Unlike some other non-profit operations, 100% of every charitable dollar contributed by donors to our LGT is used to directly fund the care of animals and other charitable organizations in our own community. Neither the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group nor our fund hosting organization ever uses charitable contributions for administration, promotion or fundraising.

Anybody can make a donation to our Life Guardianship Trusts at any time. Just go to the VCF website and select the appropriate fund or veterinary practice.  In addition, the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group also donates 2% of each dollar spent, at each practice, by Chastain Rewards Members, to the corresponding Life Guardianship Trust  @ VCF for each clinic.

To donate:

To the Chastain Life Guardianship Trust – Meadow Brook (McKinney / Frisco) – click HERE

To the Chastain Life Guardianship Trust – Preston Road (Dallas) – click HERE

Thank you for your generosity!