Chastain Veterinary Medical Group veterinarians are all fully trained for diagnosis and treatment of minor and major illness, including trauma and emergencies. We have the latest diagnostic tools available, such as in-house blood work, digital radiograph, ultrasound, ECG, blood pressure, etc. Our veterinarians stay up to date on the most current diagnosis methods and treatments available. All of our doctors exceed state required continuing education, so we can stay up to date and offer the best treatment plans for your pets.

CVMG doctors work collaboratively, as a group, in many circumstances. This means we can bring over 75 years of clinical experience to bear on the most difficult cases. We also have close working relationships with the best veterinary Specialist in town (ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons, internists, and oncologist). This allows us to either consult or refer, whichever would be in the pet’s best interests.

While we wish we never saw your loved ones for anything but routine wellness and preventive medicine, we work hard to be able to also offer the highest quality medicine in event of accidents, illness or injuries. We also have a fairly complete pharmacy so you can get your medications while at the clinic, without having to make an extra stop at a pharmacy to pick up your pet’s medications.