There are many reasons pets need orthopedic services: birth defects, trauma, accidents, and degenerative changes. We have a variety of ways to help with orthopedic issues. Some of the areas we pull from to help our patients with orthopedic problems include, nutrition, cold laser therapy, supplements, and surgery when necessary. We also have other professionals we can refer to as appropriate, for example acupuncturists and animal chiropractors. When orthopedic surgery is the appropriate treatment, depending on the procedure needed, one of our experienced veterinarian may perform the procedure. For more complicated oleo exudes we either have a surgeon come into to the clinic to perform it, or refer you and your family to a board certified veterinary surgeon.

Because we have such a wide variety of services to offer and our web of other professionals, we are confident we can help you and your pet find the best solution to your orthopedic problems.