We know that unexpected events will happen, no matter how well we try to prevent them. The next door neighbor’s dog gets loose and attacks your dog, or someone gets into the trash and over-eats, or maybe eats an entire 30 day supply of someone else’s medications, etc…these things happen and we are here to help.

If your pet needs emergency care during regular office hours, just call to let us know you are coming and we will do whatever necessary to help remedy the situation. A trained senior Vet Assistant will often start the process by evaluating your pet to see how stable he or she is, so we know how to prioritize your pet’s emergency. In the most serious cases, our doctors will drop what they are doing as quickly as possible and give their full attention to the pet in crisis straight away.

If your pet’s emergency happens after-hours, proceed immediately to the nearest Animal Emergency Clinic. We work most closely with these three emergency clinics:

  • Dallas: Veterinary Emergency Group 972-544-7311
  • McKinney/Frisco: Frisco Emergency Pet Care – 972-287-6767
  • Exotic Pets: Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas (Grapevine) – 817-410-2273