Pet Boarding

If you need to get away, why don’t you? It’s OK. But this time rest easy. Enjoy yourself knowing your pets are in good hands.

We offer veterinary supervised pet boarding, at affordable rates, at both of our locations: Meadow Brook Animal Hospital and Preston Road Animal Hospital – for all of the kinds of animals we treat. This includes dogs, cats, companion birds, ferrets, rabbits, iguanas, hedgehogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes and assorted others.

Reasons to Board Your Pet

If you are like us, you may wish you could bring your pets with you on your vacation, but there are some pets that just don’t travel well. There are also some pets that really shouldn’t travel at all, for the sake of their own health. In these and other cases, it is often better for both you and your pet if you rely on the services of a pet sitter, a kennel, or your veterinarian. Here is a look at some of the benefits of using a pet boarding service.

Keep Your Pet Safe

Pets may engage in unusual behavior while you’re gone. This can subject them to dangerous situations. For example, your dog may find a way out of your yard and escape, or your cat may swallow something harmful and become ill. Using veterinary supervised pet boarding will give you peace of mind during your vacation. You will know that your pet is in a safe, secure environment and under the careful watch of a veterinarian.

Maintain a Certain Diet

Even if you have a pet sitter or friend come into your house regularly to feed your pet and provide fresh water, he or she may only check on your pet once or twice a day. It’s better for your pet to be boarded with a veterinary clinic, as his or her normal diet will be maintained, and you’ll know for sure that your pet will always have fresh food and water.

Maintain a Medical Protocol

Some pets with certain health problems, such as those with diabetes requiring insulin, or those with kidney disease, heart disease or epilepsy may need regular medications or treatment, and/or monitoring, and a predictable, stable environment. Those kinds of needs are often incompatible with travel.

The hospitals of the Chastain Vet Med Group offer what we call Medical Boarding for special needs critters. This service builds in extra attention and time from doctors and staffers for those pets that need it.

Allow Your Pet to Get Exercise

Relying on a pet sitter or a friend to care for your pet may not ensure that your dog gets enough exercise. It’s lonely for dogs, and cats for that matter, to be in a house alone for days on end without much human contact. Using veterinary supervised pet boarding will afford your pet plenty of opportunities for activity and social interaction.

If you’re planning a trip and are looking for a reputable animal clinic that offers boarding for dogs, cats, birds and non-traditional pets in the north Dallas area, then visit us at Chastain Veterinary Medical Group. Cats and dogs are boarded in safe, comfortable kennels. Dogs receive personal play time sessions daily with our veterinary staff.