Chastain Veterinary Medical Group strongly believes in appropriate nutrition for all ages, breeds, lifestyles and disease conditions. We take into account all of your pets specific needs and conditions and offer nutritional counseling and dietary recommendations based on all we know about you, your pet and their lifestyle.

We recommend both therapeutic (prescription) diets and non-therapeutic diets, whichever may be  appropriate for your loved one. We carry a full range of the therapeutic diets in-house to assist with management of various disease conditions. Since no single company or pet food brand makes the ideal diet for every single disease condition – be that heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes or whatever – we carry foods from all four of the major therapeutic pet food brands.  That way we can offer your pet the optimum diet for him or her, in light of the pet’s health. Non therapeutic diets, when appropriate, can be found at pet stores and grocery stores, and we can give you guidance on that too.

All of our veterinarians believe in the value of quality and appropriate nutrition for our patients, and will take the time to discuss best options for  your family members needs.

As an update, the doctors at Chastain Veterinary Medical Group are presently recommending against the Grain Free Diet trend. These diets are currently under investigation because they have been linked to heart disease in dogs.  This link has not been confirmed and no pet food recalls have been issued, but the FDA’s Office of Foods and Veterinary Medicine is now investigating after hearing troubling reports of Dilated Cardiomyopathy occurring in dogs that were consistently fed these diets.

We will give updates as more information is available.