Multi-Pet Discount

Do you have two or more pets that need veterinary attention? Do you sometimes feel there is more to do and less time to do it than ever before? We feel the same way! That’s why we have created the Chastain Multi-Pet Discounted Exam. Just book veterinary appointments for all of your pets; Request the Chastain Multi-Pet Discounted Exam at the time you book your appointments (and that’s important!); and then bring in up to 3 pets, all at the same time or in separate appointments through the same day. All three will be examined by a licensed veterinarian for one low price. All you pay for after that is the actual tests, treatments, medications or vaccinations that each pet needs. Save time and save money starting now. The Multi-Pet Discounted Exam amounts to a total savings of as much as $80.00!

Free first Exam for new patients

How about a low-risk way for you and your family to see the care, attention and professionalism we show each pet at our hospitals?

Then please download and print the coupon below for FREE initial pet health exam at either Meadow Brook Animal Hospital (McKinney) or Preston Road Animal Hospital (Dallas).

This coupon is good for new pets only; sick or well. New Client or Existing Client doesn’t matter: if it is the first time we’ve seen the pet at a Chastain Vet Hospital, then his/her exam is free. Note that while the exam is free, any tests, treatments or medications will be charged at regular price. We’re sorry; this offer cannot be combined with any other offer. This offer is not applicable to pet boarding, grooming, medication, and retail items.

Fun, Foam and Physical

We know how difficult it can be when life gets busy. That’s why we have developed the Fun, Foam and a Physical spa day package for dogs and cats. To take advantage of this offer, simply day-admit your dog or cat in the morning, Monday through Friday, for any combination of preventive care veterinary services and/or products totally $225 or more, then go do whatever you need to get done. We will update the pet’s annual exam, vaccinations and preventive care services like heartworm, stool testing and blood work and so on at the usual price. Plus, we will throw in a basic cleansing bath, nail trim, and 10 min of personal pet play time all for free, and have your pet ready to go by 5 pm!